We travel the world and hand select every single one-of-a-kind piece and bring it back to be sold in one of our 4 North Florida locations. We’ve perfected this curation process over our 20+ years in business and are always pushing and scouring for the highest quality pieces, unique colors and designs, the best looks to fill our stores and “Add some wow factor to your home.”

This gallery is just a taste *NOT AN ACTIVE INVENTORY* of some of the colors and styles we search out and bring in on a bi-monthly basis. Every one-of-a-kind piece is just that, a one-of-a-kind once they’re sold they’re gone. You either got it or you missed it. But don’t fret! We are always on the hunt for the best one-of a kind pieces to fill your home.

We get a new one-of-a-kind container about every 2 months depending on our travel schedule and what we find. So **STOP IN** and keep your eyes peeled on here, and our Facebook and Instagram pages to see when we get new containers in. Or feel free to sign up for our “New Container” e-mail which we ONLY send out when we receive a new container. We WILL NOT bombard you with junk. WE PROMISE! (All of those can be found on our “Contact Us” page.)

*We’ll do our best to keep this updated, but it’s best to see with your own eyes.*

**Each store is a must stop. We are getting new containers in all the time so new designs and new colors are constantly flowing, and every stores one-of-a-kind inventory is different and ever changing.**

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